Our Corporate Social Responsibility Programme

We can’t change the world, but each and every one of us can make a positive difference.

mercury80 has committed to actively support and contribute to the Just One Child organisation. Their motto is “Normalising abandoned children in Southern Africa through blended families”.

Traditional families are fast disappearing across the African continent through war, poverty and disease. As concerned citizens, Just One Child are called to intervene at this time to provide comfort and care to those who survive this onslaught.

Each person has a unique purpose, specific gifts and talents, and great potential. As such their lives are as precious and meaningful to us as is any other who share our world. At Just One Child they start with the children; those abandoned by parents, grandparents, and society.

Their aim is to create blended family units blind to race, gender, colour, creed or health status. Through these families children are loved, nurtured, supported and cared for in a normal environment. These children are normalized, not institutionalised.

You can find out more about the Just One Child organisation on their website.



Did You Know?

The Tugela Falls are the worlds’ second highest waterfall with a drop of some 850 meters (2 790 feet)

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